Local County Departments of Environmental Health have adopted policies of inspecting existing Sand Filter systems if they have not received a record of inspection or maintenance.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Onsite Rules OAR 340-071-290(2)(a) allows the Counties to periodically inspect existing systems and charge the owner a fee.

Affordable Septic Systems can provide a comprehensive Septic Sand Filter Inspection to DEQ standards at competitive prices.

Once we have inspected your Septic Sand Filter system we follow up by filing the completed inspection report with the county for you.

What do you get for your inspection?

We inspect the septic tank to see if it requires pumping.

This can save you money by not pumping the tank unnecessarily or by waiting until it overflows damaging other aspects of the system at the same time.

We inspect the pump systems, float controls and alarms.

If these are not working properly, it is better to find out before a pump burns out and requires replacement.

We inspect the Sand Filter and the Drain Field

This can provide an overview of whether or not these integrated systems are functioning as designed and can give indicators of any possible failure or future problems.

As part of the inspection we will give you recommendations for maintenance and if any upgrades would provide you any benefits or savings.

What are some of the Warning Signs of a failing Septic System?

Lush growth over the Drain Field with a smelly soft spot.
Sewage or effluent that breaks out and surfaces around any of the system.
Toilets and household drains which empty slowly, stop draining or back up.



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