Affordable SepticsDrawing courtesy of Orenco Systems®

Intermittent Sand Filters (ISF) are an ideal advanced treatment solution where high groundwater, poor soils, or other site constraints rule out conventional septic systems. Tucked neatly underground, modern ISFs can be planted over with lawn or flowers to blend into your landscaping.

How an Orenco ISF works

Following primary treatment in the septic tank, wastewater from the home is filtered through a pump vault to keep solids in the tank and out of the sand filter.

The wastewater is then pumped to the distribution lines on top of the sand filter bed.

Evenly spread over the surface of the bed, the wastewater sifts through the sand, where natural microorganisms that cling to the sand organically break down contaminants.

In the bottom of the sand filter, the treated wastewater (now clear and odorless) is collected and is either pumped or by gravity drain to the drainfield.

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